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Friday, April 3, 2009 ' ♥
The memories ~ 4:58 PM

will be updating SOON!!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008 ' ♥
The memories ~ 7:54 PM

On Tuesday,27June'08,we had our 2nd comp lesson..halfway,fahtin n me went to d toilet..after dat,we watch d hockey players playing,they had their match dat day...then,fahtin call her frend but other look at her,not her frend..so we both laugh...going to finish d comp lesson,fahtin said dat she want to at d mac,she ask me to accompany her...safina also join us larh...we go to d bank first coz fahtin want to take her money...then,we went to d mac...after we had bought d food,we went to our place to eat...then,suddenly,fahtin start throwing d french fries at me..then i throw at her back...we keep throwing d food...n we keep laughing as it was FUNNY....hahaha!!!!safina also throw....at abt 6.50,we leave d mac:)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008 ' ♥
The memories ~ 9:28 PM

on MONDAY,23rd June'08....it is d 1st day of skewl...n i'm toooo LAZZZYYYYY to go skewl....as usual,skewl starts at 7.25am..n luckyi'm not late...when we go back to claz,we all seat aniwhere..in claz we had to do diz,do dat....BORIN'!!!such as target setting 4 exam n also we get a new timetable...4 d laz four period,we had DnT lesson..dere were two teachers....so we were divided into two grpz....one grp was d even no.studentz,n d other grp was d odd no.studentz...mine was under odd no....n lucky d teacher was not compared to d other one...it is an unlucky day 4 me coz i had to b d DnT REP.....like teacher assistant..my frenz sabo me larh seyhhh....feel like PUNCHING them onli...after skewl,we had to stayback 4 IT lesson(comp lesson)
but some of them could go home....actuali had to do survey,but we cannot,so we could go other website..after dat,we had to do some video-ing....then,d grp dat i was in,make a ghost video....It is called a "HAUNTED LAB"...We had to repeat all d scene as dere were mistakessss......

Monday, June 23, 2008 ' ♥
The memories ~ 9:41 PM

sorry for not updating for a super longggggggggggggggggg time i know.
will be updating reaaaaaaal sooooooon. i hope eyhk =)

Saturday, March 15, 2008 ' ♥
The memories ~ 8:00 PM

yesterday,me woke up at 8plus in d morning...as usual,take breakfast the watch tv...after dat,went to d toilet n bath...then my cuzzin,atin,sms me saying dat whether i am free on dat day or not..i reply YUP....she says dat she want me to accompany her to d woodlands library...so we meet at 2.45pm in d interchange...but,while i'm in d bus,she sms saying dat she reach alreadi n askin' where am i...but i didn't reply as i'm reaching soon...haha she have to wait 4 me...
so,we took 965 to causeway point...we walk to d library...at abt 3 or 4plus,we go out n went to causeway to eat first...she bought carrotcake..n i bought chicken rice...i paisey sey when d lady actuali gave other ppl d food,but i took it...haha.....
after dat,we walk arnd causeway..then we walk to d interchange n wait 4 858...we keep talkin' like hell...n laugh....we reach NP,went to d toilet,,n she ask me to take photo
wit her,so we take larh...then,we took 804,n went home...

Saturday, January 26, 2008 ' ♥
The memories ~ 10:31 PM

diz is my cuzzin...his name is HARY...but,not real cuzzin arh...but now,he has gone back to his real family...we all feel SAD...n we gotta mizz him too....we all hope dat we will meet him again....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008 ' ♥
The memories ~ 4:21 PM

todae,i mean,YESTERDAE,during recess,fahtin call me...she ask me 2 help her take sometin'at MT claz...after eatin' wif safina,we when 2 MT claz...after dat,when we walkin',at d staircase,SUDDENLY,i fell down...hahahahahahahaha.....
funny sia....me N safina LAUGH!!!!!
behind us,got 2 boyzz...one of them is my frend...then,he call me...but i N safina quickly walk...2 d claz...it is d 2nd "bad dae " 4 me again...

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